Missions & Outreach

Missions at Faith UCC are extremely active.

Our mission is to reach out in love beyond the church doors with compassion to all in need.

Missions’ money is raised by special projects and collections such as mission meals during Fellowship Time, craft sales, the sale of greeting cards, and parking for Anderson Days in Beech Acres Park.

There are many ways for adults and children to participate in Faith UCC’s missions:

  • Attend the monthly Missions Team meeting to help plan activities, on the second Friday of the month at 11am.
  • Participate in one-time events – most events are suitable for children 5 years of age and older
  • Donate goods or money
  • Assist with our Monthly Community Dinners which are held on the third Wednesday of each month from 5:30p to 7p.

Missions’ activities:

  • We are paired with families from Interparish Ministries (IPM) that we follow throughout the year.
  • We provide Kroger gift cards in the spring and food during the summer
  • We collect school backpacks and supplies
  • We provide families with food and groceries for a Thanksgiving meal
  • We provide food, clothing, and toys at Christmas
  • We donate money throughout the year
  • Donations to local organizations
  • Monthly Free Community Dinner

Within Faith UCC

We coordinate meal assistance for our church community in case of illness, injury, or special need.

We have a Care Team that keeps in contact with home-bound members to make sure their needs are being met and to assure them that they are a vital part of our church community.

We support the following local non-profit organizations:

Brighton Center

Brighton Center wraps a community of support around individuals and families by tackling the issues that prevent people from becoming self-sufficient, removing the barriers they face, and creating hope so that goals can be achieved and dreams realized.

From our modest beginnings in 1966, we have grown to provide a wide range of programs and services which include meeting basic needs, adult and early childhood education, workforce development, substance abuse recovery for women, affordable housing, financial education and counseling, youth services, and neighborhood-based programs.

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Crossroad Child & Family Service

Crossroad is a not-for-profit treatment provider for at-risk children and their families.

Behind that simple description is a long list of therapy, education, and family support services provided both to children who live on our campus and to those we work with within the community.

We value our covenantal relationship with the United Church of Christ which has made our mission and values possible.

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Hosea House

Our vision is to provide a safe environment in which to satisfy our clients’ needs for daily nutrition, support, healthy guidance, and social interaction.

This positive atmosphere enhances their capacity for self-help and self-sufficiency.

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Washington UCC

Along with other area UCC churches, Faith UCC supports the mission of Washington UCC with donations of food, clothing, and money.

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James Saul Homeless Shelter

Clermont County Community Services operates the only homeless shelter in Clermont County besides the YWCA Battered Women’s Shelter.

The shelter is available to any homeless persons with priority given to Clermont County citizens and is open 365 days a year 24 hours a day. Three meals are provided daily along with laundry services free of charge. Once a person enters the shelter, they must adhere to standards including a curfew, no drugs or alcohol, and shelter guidelines.

Case Management services are provided to assist clients with goals and obtaining housing. Financial Assistance is available for rent and security deposits for persons exiting the shelter.

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Activities in Cooperation with the United Church of Christ

We promote mission opportunities sponsored by SONKA, the Heartland Conference, the National Office of the United Church of Christ, and the interdenominational Church World Service.

These special offerings include:

  • Blanket Sunday
    A Church World Service offering that provides blankets, tents, food, and tools for disaster victims around the world
  • Neighbors in Need
    Funds go towards justice and compassion ministries in the United States
  • One Great Hour of Sharing
    Provides funds to work with international partners to provide clean water, education and healthcare, small business assistance, emergency relief, and advocacy and resettlement for refugees
  • Strengthen the Church
    Funds are used for new UCC church starts and to invigorate existing ministries, build youth and young adult ministries, and support the God Is Still Speaking Ministry
  • Christmas Fund
    Provides pension and health premium supplementation to retired UCC pastors and other personnel
  • Crossroad Child & Family Service